The future of fish as part of our diet is no longer guaranteed. Many fish stocks are in a state of serious decline, with overfishing a great threat to marine wildlife and habitats.
With almost 80% of world fish stocks fully or over exploited from fishing, plus pressure from climate change and pollution, we’re moving into dangerous waters when it comes to the fish of the future.

More intense fishing methods such as pelagic trawling or the experimental pulse trawling have greatly contributed to the fish stocks decline, while small beach fleet fishing such as the one Worthing has had for many centuries not only catch smaller quantities of fish but also fish more sustainably. Fish bought from our fishermen on the beach in Worthing could not only contribute to more sustainable fish stocks locally, but also ensures consumers get the freshest possible fish directly from boat to plate.

The Last Fisherman Standing wants to encourage consumers to seek out the last remaining fishermen on Worthing’s beach such as John Booker, who fishes o the end of Navarino Road. Also, if demand for Worthing fish increases significantly, it may be possible to bring more fishermen back on our beach to fish more regularly and sell the catch directly to the general public as well as local restaurants and food outlets.