The Sun Sets

Worthing’s fishing families have formed part of our town’s rich history over the centuries.
The Last Fisherman Standing aims to preserve this history but also seeks to raise awareness for the struggle of small fishing fleets by working alongside Worthing fishing families such as the Bashfords, the Marchants, the Phillips brothers, John Booker and others to create a living record of the way in which some of the fishing community remember their past.

Through a pop-up fish market as part of the Worthing Food & Drink Festival on the
16th and 17th of September, 2017 we aim to recreate Worthing’s old tradition of selling
fish straight o the seafront. Talks and cookery demonstrations will share old-time recipes, fishermen’s tales and fishing methods with locals as well as visitors to our town as we strive towards keeping a true gem of local living history alive in Worthing. Find out more about our events and activities on our Events page and get involved!